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Shopping in Wellingborough is easy at Nene Court just off the Embankment.

There is a growing variety of shops at Nene Court Wellingborough, with more being built.

Parking is free and easy.

Shops include-

Austintacious, Burditts(w) Electrical , Bella Barista , Bestbuys Camping Centre , Bob Caddick Photography , Elements Interiors , Fab Footwear , Hart Family Brewery , Hunters Emporium , Mochaberry , Pick-a-Pressie charm shop , Sweet things Wellingborough

The Craftworks , The Garden Deli , The Gun Cupboard , The Pump House Cafe , The Wholesale Kitchen Company , Towability Trailers , Wellingborough Cycles , When I Was A Kid

* I'm sure there are more , apologies if I have missed anyone or mis-spelt, or if you have a Website we can add a link too,  pop into Burditts(w) on Nene Court, and will ammend.

For Shopping in Wellingborough go back Again and Again to Nene! (as in Ten) ......   or as some other parts of the country pronounce it....  The place

 to be Seen is Nene! ( as in Queen)

For a bite to eat ,a Chesterfield Sofa a Washing Machine, a new tent, a pair of shoes, even a kitchen sink (attached to a kitchen) Nene Court Retail Park is the place to shop in Wellingborough. 

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