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We have been supplying Television Sets for many years and seen much change, especialy in recent years.

Many names of the past have now gone unfortunately. Our shop was proud to sell Mitsubishi and Tatung in years gone, and more recently Sanyo all of whom were reputable companies that produced good products.

Luckily there is a new kid on the block, so to speak-  drumrole-    Linsar!  oh...   who?  I hear you ask  ( well I might do if I was within earshot) , so I guess I should answer the question that you may have asked-  "Linsar" . They are a British company, that mainly deal with Independent Retailers ( Like us). "So what's so special about them? " ( hope I'm predicting your questions correctly, phone us if you have any different ones!)  ...... ok   Linsar offer a 5 year Guarantee on all of their televisions, if it goes wrong in the 1st year they will replace it, over the next 4 years they will repair it. Linsar Televisions are all good quality and well designed, with decent handsets that have nice sized buttons, and the picture quality is superb. We are really proud to stock Linsar, pop into our shop, Burditts on Station Rd in Desborough to see the range of Linsar televisions we stock. To learn more about this great company go to www.linsar.com  .

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